Friday, 3 April 2015

A natter with Tracy Lloyd!

What a lovely occasion it was at Handmade Hartlepool to catch up with my friend and artist Tracy Lloyd. Not only did we catch up about life since CCAD but I got to ask her about her amazing new line of products that she's been making.

Tracy first started trading with me in 2012 at The Factoree Presents Handmade and at this time we were both full time students. Since completing her degree I noticed a huge difference in her table and the range of products available. She now sells products such as etched glasses, ceramic brooches, slugs and necklaces, all new and exciting. It's easy to see how much she's grown into a designer with a unique identity.

 "I've finally found a niche that's me. It's been a process of hard work and experimenting. My favourite thing that I've been making is my embroidered landscapes because it enables me to use lots of different materials and techniques in one piece."

The attention to detail is unreal and I could look at these landscapes all day. Tracy is taking commissions for these pieces of artwork too. "My landscapes are going to be promoted online and also in galleries".

We also talked about Tracy's newly renovated studio in her home. How amazing does it look? "The studio is a renovated outhouse space that was previously a toilet, can you imagine how many people who have sat in my studio using the loo? There's details that I wanted to keep such as the toilet door and it features a lovely stained glass window too"

 Images from Handmade Hartlepool. Some of my personal favourites from her table.

Tracy is also a working technician for Hey Ho Print Co putting together workshops.
"I want to make the arts more accessible and do things such as kids school programs".

Tracy is definitely a local artist worth keeping your eyes on.   

You can visit her online via Facebook or Folksy!

All images featured in this blog (minus the last two) belong to Tracy Lloyd.

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