Tuesday, 11 February 2014

An Interview with Kayleigh Falcus!

Kayleigh Falcus is a friend of mine and also a very good jewellery designer, hard worker and determined individual. I was happy that she jumped at the opportunity to take part in SEWN.

'Skyline of My Soul' is the title of a brand new and exciting body of work by Kayleigh Falcus. Highly influenced by the skylines and the streets of New York City, Kayleigh explores this in her distinctive cutting edge style.

I caught up with Kayleigh to ask her some further questions and to get a sneaky peek at the behind the scenes of her collection for SEWN.

Your work mainly being focused on New York, whats the fascination with the big place?
I visited New York in May 2013 and I fell in love with the place. Its a combination of the opportunities, the buzz and just the general vibe of the place. I love how people come together and I felt very at home there. The skyscrapers cant even be described unless you go. They're as big as the dreams of everyone there and I feel as an artist it is like the center of the universe. The city that never sleeps.

You finished your degree last year, you run your jewellery business and now you're preparing for SEWN, how have you kept your creative juices flowing?
Personally I rarely struggle with motivation because I have a very driven mindset. I keep in touch with designers and artists, always on social media to see new work and keep me inspired. I go on pinterest, watch short art films and listen to a lot of music too but it doesn't feel like I'm trying to keep my juices flowing, these are just things I do naturally. Its something I don't find hard to do. If I'm not busy I feel lazy so I'm constantly working everyday.

Your work being exhibited at sewn is a textiles adaptation of illustrations that you've done, can you describe the core style of your work?
My work tends to be minimal with some detailed pieces. I love straight edges and geometric shapes. So a collection of sharp drawing combined with textiles techniques for this specific exhibition.

What do you think about independent exhibitions and events such as sewn? Are they important?
I think they are massively imporatant. As new fresh designers, it is vital for us to strive for people to see what we do. It can be hard to get into more well known galleries so these type of events are a great outlet to showcase work.

Professionally, what’s your goal? and whats your dream project?
Professionally I am aiming to create a luxurious jewellery brand along with illustrations and ther products as the brand grows. My dream project? My dream goal would to have my own stores worldwide, stocking in prestigious boutiques and stores like Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, notjustalabel.com and so on.

You can check Kayleigh Falcus out via her YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook!
You can also meet and network with Kayleigh in person at SEWN.

Click here for tickets and info!

All images in this post are copyrighted to Kayleigh Falcus

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