Monday, 17 February 2014

An Interview with Linear Outline

Sarah Davidson of Linear Outline is an exceptional designer and Applied Artist. Not only am I very fond of the unique styling of her work but I'm now happy to be working with and representing her for the SEWN exhibition.

Movimento is the title for the body of work to be exhibited by Sarah at SEWN. She says "Motion restricts your ability to see your visual surroundings, resulting in the difficulty to concentrate on the quick paced snippet of events happening before your very eyes". Her uniquely stunning work focuses on hand embroidery into vintage family photographs and woven textiles. 

I caught up with Sarah for a quick chat and a little peek at her brand new work being shown at SEWN:

Your work mainly being focused on old photographs and embroidery, what first inspired you to combine the two?
The thought behind combining the two came along while I was working on my Final Major Project at University last spring, my concept and theme was all about the idea of motion, and the problems in which we face trying to capture a moment in time. I felt it was only right to use my own personal portraits of past family members, and by doing so it allowed them to come back to life, but in a new contemporary way.  Through reworking back into them with a varied colour pallet of hand embroidery, it added a whole different element to them, whilst forming a more detailed image. 

You finished your degree last year, you sell your work and now you're preparing for SEWN, how have you kept your creative juices flowing?
Honestly Pinterest has a HUGE part to play in this!!! Through seeing inspirational and beautiful imagery daily it keeps my creative juices flowing, and makes me want to carry on making and creating and doing what I love!

Can you describe the core style of your work?
Contemporary, conceptual, & experimental. 

What do you think about independent exhibitions and events such as sewn? Are they important?
I think it’s hugely important, the North East is full of artistic creativity but it’s constantly overshadowed by signature areas such as London, therefore the North East is in great need of other independent exhibitions to allow new and upcoming artists and designers the chance to showcase their work. I’m so excited to be a part of SEWN, as it brings together some of the best North East Contemporary Textile Artists within the same space.

Professionally, what’s your goal?
Ideally I want to create a successful platform to work upon, which allows me the opportunity to be able to work self-employed full-time; balancing my time between the two of been both a Freelance Illustrator as well as a Contemporary Applied Artist. Ideally having stockists which are dotted all around the UK, before eventually branching out within Europe within the next few years.   
I want to also offer my services of creative workshops around the North East working with a varied target audience of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. I’ve recently completed my Level 2, Health and Social Care qualification and am already volunteering within areas of community arts within the Stockton area.  

What’s your dream project?
My influences are constantly changing, so therefore my dream project is forever changing too! BUT right now it would involve working with a very limited colour pallet, working with varied materials to create a very oversized woven final outcome, made up of a range of different yarns, threads and wools. 

 You can check Linear Outline out via her Facebook or Blog!
You can also meet and network with Sarah in person at SEWN.

Click here for tickets and info!

All images in this post are copyrighted to Sarah Davidson.

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